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Review of iJoy Jupiter Pod Kit

It is safe to say that sub-mods slowly but surely win the vape market, gradually replacing habitual for many vapers box-mods, tanks and drip. Naturally. Not every vaper is ready to say goodbye to their favorite Drag and Dead Rabbit, but many confidently put them on the shelf and buy compact, practical and easy to use submods. All well-known company iJoy for a long time offered vapers only POD-systems, but it was their turn to release their own version of the pod-mod, so the light saw Jupiter Pod Kit. It is hard to call this device absolutely innovative because there are already a lot of devices of such format on the market, but at the same time iJoy Jupiter Pod Kit will definitely please vapers with its functionality, performance and versatility.

General information

The iJoy Jupiter Pod Kit is a mid-sized submod that runs on a removable 18650 battery, features a high performance Univ chipset and is designed to use J series vaporizers and RBA base. The form factor in which the new device is made is not new, but it has excellent ergonomics. new zealand vape shop tauranga Thanks to the Univ chipset you can get the power up to 70 watts and the device in varivatt mode. Two types of vaporizers on the grid will allow you to get a great taste, and the ability to install a serviced base and adapter for 510 connector makes the device universal. Buy iJoy Jupiter Pod Kit is available in eight designs black, red, blue, green, gun metal, orange, purple and green-gold.


Once again there is a question to the manufacturers why with the announced serviceable base does not complete the device at once? The new sub-mod from iJoy is no exception, since everything seems to be there, and RBA-base is not in the kit, but in any case, the vaper is waiting:

Jupiter Mod battery pack;

Removable Cartridge Jupiter Pod;

J1 0.2 “Omega vaporizer; mesh coil (pre-installed);

J2 vaporizer 0.6 “Omega; mesh coil;

Charging cable micro-USB;

Warranty card;

User’s Manual.

Jupiter Mod Battery Pack

The segment of sub-mods is constantly expanding, and now it is difficult to find a manufacturer that has not released at least one such device. The iJoy company is actually one of the last to present its version of such devices. Jupiter Pod Kit though resembles the devices of other manufacturers, but has a few features that make it sure many vapers will like it.

Form-factor, which is made iJoy Jupiter Pod Kit, familiar to many vapers this bar with rounded edges, and it is quite compact 117*30*25,5 mm. The body is designed quite originally by using different materials zinc alloy, aluminum and plastic, which has a pattern that resembles snake skin.

Maximum power iJoy Jupiter Pod Kit 70 watts, which is provided by a traditional battery 18650, installed from the bottom with a screw cap with a convenient rib in the middle. The battery can be charged using the micro-USB connector located on the floor of the display, current of 1.5A.

An important feature of the sub-mod is that it operates under the control of chipset Univ (iJoy often uses such chipsets in their devices), through which stable operation and performance are provided. The iJoy Jupiter Pod Kit works in varivate mode, but this is unlikely to upset vapers.

To make the device easy to use, it is equipped with a small color display, where the vaper will find all the necessary data about the battery level, power, coil resistance, voltage, time and number of puffs.

Jupiter Pod cartridge

It makes sense that the iJoy Jupiter Pod Kit uses a removable cartridge on interchangeable vaporizers, which is held in the battery pack by magnets. The manufacturer announced that the cartridge can be replaced by a special adapter for the 510 connector, so the vaper will get a nice simple box mod for one battery.

When it comes to vaporizers, there are two types – J1 0.2 “Omega; mesh coil and J2 0.6 “Omega; mesh coil, thanks to which a good flavor transfer is guaranteed. If the vaper has a desire (and he surely will), you can buy a serviced base for one coil. The airflow adjustment is not provided.

Installation of vaporizers is very convenient, they are installed in a special base, with which the vaporizer is held in the cartridge. Filling the cartridge is very simple and easy to understand even for a beginner. You take the cartridge out of the battery box, turn it upside down, open the silicon plug and pour 5 ml of liquid in a fairly large hole.

Conclusions and impressions

The iJoy Jupiter Pod Kit is another sub-mod on the market that, while it does not feature anything special, will be a great option for many vapers. The stability of the chipset, large cartridge, versatility all make it a worthy device that can confidently compete with other products of famous companies.

Advantages and disadvantages


Lack of airflow control;

Little choice of vaporizers.


Ergonomic design;

Great choice of colors;

Exchangeable battery;

Reliable fixation of the battery;

Fast charging;

High-performance chipset;

Colorful informative display;

Large capacity cartridge;

Ability to install RBA-base and adapter with 510-th connector;

Excellent flavor transfer of complete vaporizers.