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Review of GeekVape Wenax S-C Pod kit

Despite the constant claims that vaping has diminished, e-cigarettes have not become less popular and in demand. The fact that vaping has changed, especially after the emergence of salt nicotine and liquids based on it, which can be used for a few puffs to quench nicotine cravings without getting a hard hit, as it happens with liquids based on freebase nicotine. But you can’t do without POD-systems for vaping such liquids, characterized by their compact size and small amount of vapor. There are not so many POD-systems in GeekVape’s range compared to competitors, so it is quite logical that the manufacturer releases all new devices to conquer this market segment, and one of them is Wenax S-C Pod kit.

General Information

GeekVape Wenax S-C Pod kit is a compact POD-system that has a pretty powerful built-in battery, designed to use interchangeable vaporizers series G for vaping liquids based on salt nicotine. This POD-system is made in vape-pen format, and in a small size, so it is most convenient to use. Thanks to the powerful battery the vaper is guaranteed to get a good autonomy, and the ability to change the power and two types of activation add positive emotions when using the device. The device is designed for installation of interchangeable vaporizers G series 0,6 and 1.2 Ohm, so the vaper has a lot to choose from. Buy GeekVape Wenax S-C Pod kit is available in nine colors diamond, sky marine, gold and black, red, green, blue, gray and black.


This new device is packed pretty standard, but what else would you expect from a pretty simple POD-system, so in the box the vaper waits:

Wenax S-C Battery;

Wenax S-C Pod;

G Series Coil 6 “Omega vaporizer; (pre-installed);

G Series Coil 1.2 “Omega vaporizer; ;

Vaporizer extractor;

USB Type-C cable;

Extraction cable for USB Type-C; Spare 510″ drip-tip.

Wenax S-C Battery Pack

If you look at the range of the GeekVape Company, POD-systems in it will not be so much this can be explained by the fact that this manufacturer specializes more in the production of side-mods and tanks, which are almost always with the top sales. Interestingly, the company has allocated POD-systems in a separate line Wenax, which they decided to complement another practical and quite interesting device GeekVape Wenax S-C Pod kit.

Design GeekVape Wenax S-C Pod kit is not particularly refined is a traditional device made in vape-pen format, so there are no distinctive features. Although if you look at the design of the device, there, in addition to traditional colors like black or red, you can find the original diamond, and the feature of which is a faceted steel case. The device is quite small 112*18.85 mm and weighs 50 grams, so in your pocket it will take no more space than a standard pen.

The GeekVape Wenax S-C Pod kit is powered by a built-in 1100 mAh battery that will be enough for two to three days of autonomous work, and for such a small device this is a pretty good indicator.

The battery is charged via USB Type-C, located on the side of the device, with a current of 1A.

An important feature of GeekVape Wenax S-C Pod kit is that the vaper can activate the device by both puffing and pressing the fire button on the bottom end of the device. What is interesting is that when you activate the device when you puff you can change the power depending on the resistance of the vaporizer installed if the vaporizer is 0,6 ohm, the power can be 14/15/16 Watts, and if 1.2 ohm, then 9/10/11 watts. It is worth noting an interesting location of the fire button on the bottom end, which is unusual for devices of this format. With the help of the LED on the side of the device, you can monitor the battery level.

Wenax S-C Pod Cartridge

We worked out a special Wenax S-C Pod cartridge especially for this device and one of the features of it is that it uses traditional 510-type drip-tip and there are two of them in the set.

The Wenax S-C Pod cartridge is designed to use proprietary G series vaporizers with 0,6 and 1,2 ohm grid resistance, designed to vaporize salt nicotine based liquids. No inhale adjustment is provided.

To refill the cartridge you need to take out the battery pack, open the silicone cap on the side and pour 3 ml of liquid.

Conclusions and impressions

The GeekVape Wenax S-C Pod kit is a pretty traditional Pod system that has its chips. Despite its simplicity, the device is quite versatile, as it has the ability to change the power and install two types of vaporizers, so it is suitable for steaming liquids on both salt and freebase nicotine.

Advantages and disadvantages


Weak charging current;

Lack of blowing control;

One must remove the cartridge from the battery pack to refill.


Small size;

A large selection of colors;

Not a bad complete set;

High capacity battery;

USB Type-C;

Two ways to activate;

The ability to adjust the power;

Available vaporizers on the grid.