Review of GeekVape WENAX M1 Pod Kit

What the vape market has not seen and box mods in the form of a pistol grip or drop, and touch panels, and maximum protection, and even a built-in Bluetooth speaker. But practice shows that not all vapers need special functionality or a lot of additional chips. Many of them are happy to use quite simple box mods with tanks or drips of two or three years ago. And those who want to vaporize liquids on salt nicotine choose compact and maximally simple POD-systems. It is for such vapers company GeekVape began to release quite uncomplicated, but practical POD-systems. Deciding once again to add to the lineup of such devices, the company presented GeekVape WENAX M1 Pod Kit, which we want to say simply but tastefully, and taste in this case is not in figurative, but in the literal sense.

General information

GeekVape WENAX M1 Pod Kit is a compact POD-system equipped with a built-in battery of average capacity, designed to use removable cartridges with built-in vaporizers for smoking liquids based on salt nicotine. The new device looks quite traditional – it is a small vape pen, made neat and stylish, without much decor, and the weight of the device is minimal. The device is very easy to use because it has no buttons and activated when you puff, and the built-in battery will allow you to get a good autonomy. The device uses interchangeable cartridges with built-in vaporizers with resistance 0.8 and 1.2 ohms (both designed for a tight cigarette draw). Buy GeekVape WENAX M1 Pod Kit is available in eight colors, among which you can find both traditional colors and gradient colors.


This POD-system belongs to the simple, so it is also staffed just as simply. On the one hand it is not very nice, but on the other hand its cost will be much lower than analogues from other manufacturers. Therefore, in the box (which, by the way, is also the manual) the vaper will find:

WENAX M1 Battery;

WENAX M1 Pod 0.8 ohm cartridge.

WENAX M1 Battery

The GeekVape Company is known all over the world for its devices, which are considered one of the best in their class (just remember Aegis series box mods, Zeus tanks and Boost submods), and often vapers, having bought them, use the devices for quite a long time. Not so long ago the company began to produce POD-systems, distinguished by the ease of use and maintenance, which many vapers liked at once. Deciding not to stop, the developers of the company presented GeekVape WENAX M1 Pod Kit device is not the most original, but at the same time no less interesting.

GeekVape WENAX M1 Pod Kit looks quite traditional – in fact, it is a small-sized vape pen. The device does not have any decor, but you can choose from eight colors, and some of them are gradient. The device is quite small 115,5*16 mm, and weighs only 34 grams, so it looks more like a felt-tip pen than a vape device.

In GeekVape WENAX M1 Pod Kit uses a built-in battery 800 mAh, through which you can get two to three days of battery life (time depends on the resistance installed cartridge, the intensity of vaping and the strength of liquids used). The battery is charged using the USB Type-C connector located on the bottom end of the device, with 1A current.

This POD-system belongs to the category of simple enough, so it is quite natural that it is activated by puffing and is not equipped with any controls. The power at which the device works is selected automatically depending on the resistance of the installed cartridge and is 9-16 watts. In order to monitor the battery level, on the side of the device there is a miniature LED.

WENAX M1 Pod cartridge

Given the rather compact size of the device, it uses cartridges with built-in vaporizers. The cartridge is held in the battery pack without the help of magnets, so it is important to insert it as tightly as possible when installing it.

The manufacturer offers two variants of cartridges with built-in vaporizers for this device 0.8 and 1.2 Ohm. There is no inhale adjustment, but Pod-system is initially designed for a tight cigarette inhale and the use of strong liquids based on salt nicotine. To refill the cartridge you need to take it out of the battery box, open the small silicone cap on the side and pour 2 ml of liquid in.

Conclusions and impressions

The experiments of GeekVape with POD-systems is not a whim, but a real opportunity to win the segment not only box-mods and tanks, but also compact devices designed to use liquids based on salt nicotine. WENAX M1 Pod Kit will be a good device for every day, because it has a good reserve of autonomy, practicality and compact size.

Advantages and disadvantages


Weak charging current;

To refill it is necessary to remove the cartridge from the battery pack.


Compact size;

Low weight;

Great choice of colors;

High capacity battery;

Activation when you draw;

Two versions of cartridges;

Stable tight cigarette puff.