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Review of Suorin Air Mini POD kit 

For many vapers who used to be inveterate smokers, the emergence of salt nicotine-based liquids on the market has become a real godsend, since it became possible to satisfy nicotine hunger quickly enough, without getting a harsh TH, which will certainly happen when using freebase nicotine-based liquids with high strength. Naturally, it is not recommended to vaporize salt liquids on standard sabom tanks and drips, because you can get nicotine poisoning, especially since there are special systems of closed type or POD-systems developed for them. One of the first companies that started producing devices of such format was Suorin, and its first devices are successfully used by vapers to this day. Among the variety of POD-systems Suorin particularly popular series Air, which the company decided to continue and released Suorin Air Mini POD kit.

General Data

Suorin Air Mini POD kit is a compact POD system with a fairly modest battery, as easy to use as possible, designed to use interchangeable cartridges with built-in vaporizers. The key feature of this device is compactness, because its size is a little more than a standard gasoline lighter, so it will take minimum space in your pocket. The device is easy to use, it is activated by puffing, but it does not have very much autonomy, although at such a size it is not surprising. The POD system uses interchangeable cartridges with built-in vaporizers on the grid, which can pleasantly surprise you with the flavor transfer. Suorin Air Mini POD kit is available in ten different colors, so the vaper has a lot to choose from.


Expect that the system of this format will be richly equipped, it should not be too simple. Therefore, in the box the vaper will find:

Air Mini Battery pack;

Air Mini POD 1.0 Ohm cartridge;

USB Type-C cable;

User manual;


Air Mini Battery Pack

Vapers who follow the vape market are well aware that after the emergence of salt nicotine and vape liquids, one of the first companies that began to produce devices for their vaping was the company Suorin. This manufacturer released a lot of POD-systems, which became a real hit of sales, but the most successful is considered to be the Air line, distinguished by its specific design and practicality. Having decided to release not only ergonomic, but also very compact device, the company presented Suorin Air Mini POD kit.

The Air series devices feature a flattened body and good ergonomics, and Suorin Air Mini POD kit fully meets these requirements. Not for nothing the manufacturer has added the prefix Mini to the name of the device, because its dimensions are really very compact 75*32,3 mm, so it can be compared to a standard gasoline lighter or a fairly large flash drive. The case is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it pleasant to the touch.

Power Suorin Air Mini POD kit provides built-in battery capacity of 430 mAh is not really much, but if you consider the size of the device, it is quite justified. The battery is charged using the USB Type-C connector located on the bottom end of the device, with a current of about 1A.

This POD-system is quite easy to use, so it does not have any controls, but is activated by puffing. So that the vaper can easily monitor the battery level, on the side of the device there is a number of small LEDs that change their color.

Suorin Air Mini POD Cartridge

Considering the size of Suorin Air Mini POD kit, it is quite logical that it uses a cartridge with a built-in vaporizer. The vaporizer is new-format, on the grid, 1 ohm resistance, so the flavor transfer will be at the proper level.

The developers took care to equip the device with an ergonomic flattened drip-tip.

There is no blowing control in the device (of course), but a rather tight draw is guaranteed for the vaper.

The developers of the device also provided a convenient refilling of the cartridge. You can fill the tank with 2 ml of liquid by removing the mouthpiece and using the small charging hole.

Conclusions and impressions

Naturally, if a vaper is expecting from Suorin Air Mini POD kit some kind of flavor delivery on the level of a dripper, he will have to be disappointed, this is, first of all, a POD system. But this device will definitely please you with its compact size and practicality, and this is one of the main factors for many vapers when choosing a device for vaping liquids on salt nicotine.

Advantages and disadvantages


Weak charging current;

Lack of airflow control.


Compact size;

Great choice of colors;

High capacity battery for its size;

Activation when you draw;

Built-in vaporizer on the grid;

Convenient refilling.