Review of GtmBar Bond 6000 single-serve. Modular flavor

Today we will consider one of the latest novelties from GtmBar – modular Pod-system Bond 6000 with an interesting shape and pre-filled cartridges.

I express my gratitude to the representative office of GtmBar in Russia for providing the devices for testing

Packaging of GTMBAR BOND 6000 Packaging of GTMBAR BOND 6000

Let’s start with the packaging of the “control module”, if we can put it that way. We see a cardboard box decorated quite simply, without any frills. On the front part, in addition to the brand names and key features, we can see the silhouette of the device itself, which is made in a very unusual way. There is also an indication of the color – in my case it is Black. vapelf ice vape Or maybe it’s White as well. On the right side there is a repeat of the picture and name, on the left side there is the date of production with expiration date and a sticker to check the originality. The back of the package is devoted to the characteristics (about them below), storage conditions and recommendations for use, as well as contacts of the manufacturer. Well, the device itself lies in a transparent plastic tub.

So, what is the part of the device that is responsible for operation. Bond Device (that’s how it is called) looks like a half of something whole, i.e. it is a part of some device. This is the first feeling that comes to mind when you take the device in your hands. The control part is made entirely of plastic, painted in matte color. There are notches on the body for a more comfortable grip, as well as a small LED in the form of a triangle, which is responsible for indication during operation or charging. All the main elements are hidden under the branded sticker, having torn off which we can see two magnets, two contacts and a USB Type-C port for filling the built-in battery with energy. By the way, it’s not the most successful place.

Now let’s move on to the cartridges. Their packaging is similar to the “control part”, but the differences lie in the color design and the added name of a particular flavor. It also indicates the number of puffs and the outline of the very part that contains the tasty liquid. In the box is a protective pouch. We tear it and take out the cartridge.

External view of GTMBAR BOND 6000 cartridge Mouthpiece of GTMBAR BOND 6000 cartridge Contact area of GTMBAR BOND 6000 cartridge.

Like the Bond Device, it is made of plastic painted in matte colors. The top part is covered with a silicone plug, and the place of contact with magnets and contact part is covered with a sticker.

The general principle, as I think it is already clear, is simple. We tear off the protective stickers from both parts, put them together (there is only one correct variant) and after indication of the LED with green color we start to absorb the tasty (I hope) vapor. I would like to note that this device has very powerful magnets: a characteristic sound can be heard when “docking”, and it is impossible to disconnect this pair without effort. On the one hand this is good, on the other hand – we remember where the charging port is located. But this is a picky and probably a matter of habit.

A few words about the characteristics:

Device size: 90 * 54 * 25.5 mm

Built-in battery capacity: 500 mAh

Strength: 2% (or 20 mg/mL of saline nicotine)

Amount of liquid inside the cartridge: 15 ml

Internal vaporizer resistance: 1.1 ohms

Number of puffs (estimated): 6000

GtmBar Bond 6000 flavor description

GTMBAR BOND 6000 Single Flavors

The entire line has 15 unique flavors. The manufacturer’s representative kindly provided them all and asked me to fit them all into one article, without breaking them down into parts. I’m fulfilling the request, telling you about each mix separately in a thesis and not too broadly.

GtmBar Bond 6000 – Grape Energy

We start with grape energy, which falls in love with itself from the start. Who has long been a fan of all kinds of “Burns” and “Redbulls”, will definitely notice a striking similarity in taste – sweetness, brightness, even a hint of increased energy inside after puffing. As for the grapes stated in the recipe, they act as a light berry flavor, barely diluting the energy wave. Even though expectations were slightly off, it turned out to be as powerful as possible.

GtmBar Bond 6000 – Pink Lemonade

The first thing to note is the light and pleasant coolness. You know, like a drink from the refrigerator, but kind of stood there not very long. Just right, in short. As for the lemonade, its “pink” part, represented by raspberries, is done perfectly. The drink is tasty, a bit watery and slightly tangy. The berry is sweet, somewhat reminiscent of caramel, but at the same time retains all the qualities that are inherent to it, and for which we all love it.

GtmBar Bond 6000 – Kumquat Apple

So, I’ll first note that I’ve never actually tasted a kumquat in real life. I have a rough idea of what it should be like, so the upcoming mix is of heightened interest. So, the apple is rather red than green, because there is little sourness, but the sweetness of the fruit is enough. And along with the apple comes a pleasant, but a little sharp citrus flavor. It is just sour, a little bitter, but in general it harmonizes perfectly. Well, the first personal experience was a success.


I don’t know about anyone else, but for me the products from GtmBar have already somehow become a kind of standard of quality and flavor. It is felt that titanic work is done in the process of developing mixes and creating unique recipes, thus attracting new and new part of the vape audience. GtmBar Bond 6000 line once again pleased with a bright vision of already existing flavors, but did it in its own way, with its own zest. The misstep in the realization of Blackcurrant Juice mix can be attributed either to a ridiculous accident or to my personal misunderstanding of the concept. However, as a whole, the whole lineup is worthy of respect, and the interesting format of the device is certainly worthy of praise.