Review of Inflave Plus disposables. New flavors

In this article we will review five new flavors that have appeared in the existing line of Inflave Plus 2200 disposables.

Inflave Plus Features

Inflave Plus 2200 Disposable Packaging Inflave Plus 2200 Disposable Kit

In order not to repeat many times about the key features of the considered disposables – I advise you to refer to the review of the original Inflave Plus line. vaporesso luxe And to understand what to do with the complete stickers, you need to have a quick look at the article about Inflave Zero, where all the necessary information about the stock with stickers is indicated.

Inflave Zero Flavors Description

Inside each disposable is a rechargeable battery containing a chemically active alkaline metal, lithium. Such batteries should not be disposed of with household waste, but should be recycled or sent to a special recycling center.

Inflave Zero – Mint Drage

I don’t know how the manufacturer did it, but this mint flavor is not like toothpaste or mint gum. It’s not like that at all. Here there is a candy, and its flavor is quite bright. And it is endowed with a very mild minty flavor, which is not badly refreshing, and gives quite a cheerful feeling of peppermint. If to draw an analogy with what I think each of us has tried, I would refer this mix to Mentos dragee with a subtle flavor of caramel “Vzletnaya”. So there you go.

Inflave Zero – Caramel Popcorn

You know, far from the most pleasant flavor. And here’s why. Immediately you can feel the sweet caramel, and there is so much of it here that it would be enough to share with the whole line and still have some left over. In short – a lot. It is followed by the taste of the very “exploded” corn, which seems to be a bit burnt during roasting. And both of these factors, which are also together in one mix, are not really pleasing. Yes, there is a resemblance to the original, but it is not so pleasant to sing praises. More than a fan.

Inflave Zero – Purple Plum

I don’t remember any plum except purple plum. Although there are yellow and purple ones, but I simply have not had the chance to try them. And in general, plum flavoring is like cherry flavoring, rare and not always successful. So, to the point. This recipe is definitely not plum. Or there’s something mixed up. Here is pure water berry assortment, moderately sweet and very tasty. And the flavor is very reminiscent of a mixture of blueberries and black currants, almost exactly the same. In short, quite nice, but far from descriptive.


Well, the new five in the Inflave Plus lineup was generally pleasing. The concept remains unchanged: the flavors are bright and intense, the flavorings are basically in their place and in the right proportions. As for the Caramel Popcorn flavor – maybe I’m just not a fan of these corn “popcorns”. Well, and in Purple Plum either something was mixed up, or this is how the producers see plum. All the same, the line has the right to life, and therefore we are waiting for replenishment with new flavors.