Review of Snowwolf Ease 8000 Kit. First look

We will dedicate this short article to the new disposable devices with an unusual design and a wide range of flavors from Snowwolf.

Chinese manufacturer of vape devices Snowwolf has released its new product in the format of disposable electronic cigarettes. The Ease 8000 Kit device has received an extraordinary appearance, a large assortment of flavors, as well as a decent puff margin.

Ease 8000 Kit disposables are made in a large plastic case, the design of which resembles a cocktail glass. vape wellington The extensive color palette includes 30 colors, each of which will correspond to its own taste of pre-filled liquid.

The battery pack of the device contains a power source with a capacity of 650 mAh, which is charged via a modern USB Type-C connector. The activation of disposables occurs in automatic mode at the moment of puffing. The latter is not adjustable. The maximum power output reaches 11 watts. The integrated cartridges are filled with saline liquid with a strength of 50 mg, and for the generation of vapor and flavor is responsible for the vaporizer on the grid with a resistance of 1.0 ohm. The autonomy of one sample reaches 8000 puffs.

Specifications Snowwolf Ease 8000 Kit:

Dimensions: 108 mm * 40 mm

Battery: 650 mAh

Charging: USB Type-C

Power: 11W

Resistance: 1.0 Ohm

Strength: 50 mg

8000 puffs

30 flavors

The cost of the novelty is unknown.