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Review of dotRDA Single Coil by DotMod

If you ask vapers, which companies’ devices are considered luxury devices, many will probably answer asMODus, Lost Vape and, of course, DotMod. It is the devices of the latter company that are in constant demand among vapers, as you can get devices whose quality is never not the best. The company does not release new devices as often as its Chinese competitors, but when it does, they immediately attract the attention of the vaper community and find their buyers. One of these devices is dotRDA Single Coil by DotMod, which is designed for a single coil and maximum flavor transfer. We can confidently say that once again DotMod has managed to surprise with its ingenuity, delighting its fans with a quality product.

General Information

dotRDA Single Coil by DotMod is a 22mm diameter single coil drip with the option of installing an additional beauty ring, designed for maximum flavor and has the ability to be used in squonk devices. online vape shop new zealand The manufacturer offers the device with bottom-side blowing, which, according to the company’s employees, will reveal the flavor of any liquid. Unlike many products of the company, this drip is available not in one color, but in four colors: black, blue, gold and red, which can not but please, as the vaper has the opportunity to choose the best option for their devices.


dotRDA Single Coil by DotMod is a full-featured drip, as the manufacturer has taken care of everything that can only be useful to a vaper in the process of installation and operation. In the branded box, reminiscent of a box for expensive Swiss watches can be found:

dotRDA Single Coil drip atomizer;

A top cap made of translucent plastic;

Ultem Beauty Ring to increase the diameter up to 24mm;

Coil Jig, which is used to wind the coil as well as adjust it in the deck;

Two 510 drip tips, one in RDA color, the other made of Ultem;

Hex key;

Squonk pin;

Two pre-wound coils;

Two orings;

Two spare screws;

Certificate of Originality.

It is enough to read the list of extras, and it becomes clear that DotMod Company cares about its followers, providing them with everything they need for a full-fledged vaping experience.

Appearance and design

It’s enough just to look at dotRDA Single Coil by DotMod or take it in your hands, and it becomes clear that this drip belongs to the class of tiny vapers. This is not a bad thing; on the contrary, the small size of the evaporation chamber will allow you to enjoy the taste to the maximum. It is worth paying tribute to the designers of DotMod company, it is immediately clear that this drip is made by this manufacturer, as all the lines, curves and notches clearly repeat the general style of their products.

Two domes made of aluminum and translucent plastic are included in the package. Such a solution can be confidently considered another advantage of the drip, as the vaper has the opportunity to choose the best design option for him. But it is worth mentioning that the plastic does not look so strict and does not get warm, but the aluminum can cause some trouble to the vaper, although the drip with it clearly corresponds to the style of dotMod.

dotRDA Single Coil has a diameter of 22 mm, which is practically a standard for such drip tips. In order to confidently use it on devices with more than 22 mm seat, the manufacturer has provided a 24 mm diameter beauty ring made of Ultem. The presence of such a ring, regardless of the main color of the drip, allows you to change the appearance of the device quite significantly.

Base and features of operation

dotRDA Single Coil is a traditional single-coil drip with a base with two wide racks. There are two wide holes for coil installation, into which the coil legs are inserted, fixed from above with hexagonal screws. It is worth saying that the holes are wide enough, so the vaper can install fatbuildings.

In order to accurately center the coil on the side of the drip tip between the posts are small recesses that serve for accurate installation in this case will certainly come in handy complete Coil Jig recommended by the manufacturer’s diameter. But we can confidently assert that with the installation of the coil and with the laying of absorbent cotton questions and problems will not arise at all, even for beginners. “Though the tub is small, but the presence of a squonk pin allows you to ensure the supply of liquid for a long time.

Openings for air supply are located directly in the racks, and are located so as to provide bottom-lateral blowing on the coil. The airflow is regulated according to the classic scheme by turning the top cap, allowing you to find the best option for each vaper.

To summarize

Talking about who is ready to buy dotRDA Single Coil by DotMod, there is no need to vapers who prefer original devices that can please them throughout the life of the device will choose this particular drip. The device turned out to be really worthy and interesting, which will please both a beginner and an experienced vaper with its design and flavor transfer.

Advantages and disadvantages


Using the 510 drip tip is not always convenient;

The 22mm diameter (even when using the Beauty Ring) is a bit off-putting.


Rich package;

Original appearance;

Convenient installation of the coil;

Quality blowing;

Excellent flavor transfer;

Impeccable workmanship of all elements.