Review of dotRDA 24mm V1.5 by dotMOD

On the vape market you can find both products from mastodons and new manufacturers who are trying to make a name for themselves and occupy their niche. As practice shows, not all vapers agree to buy devices from new manufacturers, as they do not quite trust the quality and stated technical characteristics. Therefore, devices from the mastodontsvape market are in demand among many vapers. One of these well-known manufacturers can be confidently considered an American company dotMOD, each product of which becomes exemplary. After the success of the dotRDA 24mm, the company’s developers immediately sat down to drawings and testing, and as a result, the light saw the updated version of the dotRDA 24mm V1.5 by dotMOD, which combines ease of use, flavor transfer and high quality performance.

General Info

dotRDA 24mm V1.5 by dotMOD is a drip atomizer with one original stand, designed for the use of two spirals with side blowing, so the user is guaranteed to get excellent flavor and head. The drip is made in the traditional dotMOD style, thanks to which it looks great on mechanical and box mods. online vaping shop in new zealand The use of a single rack base allows you to easily install voluminous spirals, and side blowing together with spherical dome processing will give excellent flavor transfer and vapor. The dotRDA 24mm V1.5 by dotMOD can be purchased in six colors black, gold, blue, red, steel and (this was unexpected) from Ultem.


dotRDA 24mm V1.5 by dotMOD is packed to the fullest – this company always tries to make its devices as convenient and practical as possible, and this drip is no exception. In a strict black box with dotMOD monogram, which looks more like a package of expensive watches, you can find:

A dotRDA 24mm V1.5 dotRDA drip tip;

A branded screw wrench;


A spare Ultem drip-tip;

Two branded spirals;

Squonk pin;

Squonk screw;

Spare spring for the screw;

Spare orings;

Network Certificate;

User’s Manual.

Expensive, rich, practical.

Appearance and design

Looking for something new in the design of dotRDA 24mm V1.5 it is not necessary to look at the drip and it becomes clear that it is a dotMOD product, as all the lines speak for themselves. But the designers decided to move a bit away from the simplest design, so the drip is as if it consists of several steps or tiers, which add some originality and unconventionality to it.

The dotRDA 24mm V1.5 by dotMOD base is made of stainless steel and then undergoes a gold-plating procedure, but fear that the coating will rub off or scratch, the company guarantees quality. Depending on the chosen option, the dome can be made of aluminum, stainless steel or ultem vaper himself chooses the best performance for himself.

The seating diameter of the drip is 24mm, so it will fit most mechanical and box mods perfectly. The dotMOD company has abandoned the use of branded threaded drip tips in its latest devices, so the dotRDA 24mm V1.5 is equipped with two 810-ringless drip tips made of delrin and ultem.

Base and airflow

The dotMOD company was one of the first to use a single rack base, which immediately appealed to many vapers. The dotRDA 24mm V1.5 also uses a single rack, the main feature of which is that between the plates you can install very fat builds, which can’t help but please fans of experimentation. The installation is extremely simple, the legs of the spirals are placed on the pressure plates, after which a single screw is tightened with the help of a complete wrench.

With the laying of absorbent cotton will also not be difficult, but you should be prepared for the fact that the tub is not very deep only about 5 mm, so you will have to pump the drip quite often. But you can always install a complete skunk pin and a special screw with a hole for liquid supply.

The blowing is lateral, non-adjustable, which may upset some vapers, but practice shows that to get the maximum flavor and vapor there is no need to reduce the air supply.

Conclusions and impressions

We can say with confidence that dotRDA 24mm V1.5 by dotMOD is a drip designed for real connoisseurs of quality and style. Due to the use of the original system of spirals installation you can regularly experiment with porno coils and not be afraid that they will not fit into the holes.

Advantages and disadvantages


Non-adjustable airflow;

Small tub.


High quality workmanship of all elements;

Recognizable design;

Rich equipment;

Convenient installation of spirals;

Ability to install bulk builds;

Good flavor and bulk.