Review of Dovpo Ember 60W Kit

Not so long ago, most vapers tried to buy devices with more than 200 watts of power and used droppers and tanks with a coil resistance of 0.05-0.08 ohms. But it turned out that such bundles are not to everyone’s taste and a large amount of vapor is not always good and tasty. Therefore, recently compact devices and tanks designed to use tanks with high resistance have become more and more relevant. Manufacturers are trying to produce devices that will not just sell, but will meet the requirements of vapers. The company Dovpo regularly pleases its fans with interesting devices, so it is not surprising that it has released a new starter kit for fans of small devices – Ember 60W Kit. It should be said right away that this starter kit in its original form is not a cigarette kit, as the atomizer is designed for free puffing. We can confidently say that the kit turned out to be quite interesting and will definitely appeal to fans of small devices.

General Information

Dovpo Ember 60W Kit is a starter kit consisting of a box mod with a built-in battery and a high-performance chipset and an atomizer that runs on interchangeable vaporizers and is designed for free hookah puffing. The box mod, despite the fact that it runs on a built-in battery, has a full set of features that are necessary for most vapers. The atomizer is designed to use interchangeable vaporizers with a fairly high resistance and a fairly loose puff, but still allows you to get a very good flavor and bulk. new zealand vaping The manufacturer offers this starter kit in three designs, with the main color being black with inserts of such black, red and yellow plastic.


Like most modern starter kits, the Dovpo Ember 60W Kit is packed quite modestly, but what is in the box is quite enough for comfortable use of the kit. In the box you can find:

Ember box mod;

Ember Tank atomizer;

Two 0.6 ohm vaporizers, and one of them is pre-installed;

A spare 4.5 ml bubble glass;

Spare orings;

USB charging cable;

User’s Manual;

Warranty card.

Ember mod box mod

Those vapers, who are interested in Dovpo products, will immediately remember not so long ago released box mod Ember with a capacity of 50 watts. So Ember 60W is a slightly improved version, with a slightly modified design and increased by 10 watts of power. Immediately it should be said that this mod will be to the taste of those vapers who do not like sabom vaping, preferring either tanks on a single coil, or two-coil on simple microcoils, or cigarettes.

The design of the Ember mod is quite interesting. Unlike the previous version, in this mod the fire button is placed on one of the beveled corners of the body. This arrangement has several advantages, it not only looks original, but also very convenient to use, as you can safely press the button with your thumb or index finger. By the way, under the fire button there is a memory button, which allows you to activate one of the user modes very quickly. The +/- buttons are placed a bit unconventionally on the side panel.

Speaking about functionality, Ember 60W allows you to use two basic modes: varivatt and thermocontrol, which are quite enough for most vapers. At the same time, the chipset is able to work with windings of resistance from 0.08 ohms, although with its power of 60 watts, this option is superfluous. On the small display, the vaper will find all the necessary information regarding the operating mode, resistance, voltage and battery charge level.

The maximum power of the device is 60 watts and it is provided by the built-in 1700 mAh battery, which is charged with 0.8A current using a standard micro-USB connector. The seating diameter is 26 mm, so you can not think much about the choice of atomizer, but you should still take into account the maximum power and the built-in battery is not the largest capacity.

Ember Tank Atomizer

The fact that Dovpo decided to equip the Ember 60W Kit with a tank of its own production is correct on the one hand, as the vaper will not have to think about what to use after purchase. But on the other hand, using a tank of this class is not quite justified, as for a box mod of this class the MTL tank would be the best option.

Ember Tank is a rather simple atomizer that works on interchangeable vaporizers. The manufacturer suggests using branded vaporizers with 0.6 ohm resistance. Naturally, skeptics may say that such resistance is closer to MTL, but the design of the tank is such that it will not be so easy to achieve a tight cigarette puff, although you can try.

Puff adjustment is made by turning the ring at the bottom of the tank, and the air intake hole is large and wide enough, suggesting a hookah puff. Refilling is quite traditional, the top cap is unscrewed and 4.5 ml of liquid is poured in.

Conclusions and impressions

Ember 60W Kit is a rather ambiguous starter kit, as the box mod designed for low power is accompanied by a tank with hookah puff. Although fans of cigarette puffing and stealth devices will definitely appreciate the mod, as it is easy to use and does not require special knowledge and skills in maintenance.

Advantages and disadvantages


The tank is not the best;

Inconvenient location of the USB connector;

Weak charging current;

Only one type of vaporizer.


Compact size;

Fits atomizers up to 26mm;

Simple control;

Memory button;

Flavor transfer at an average level.