Review of Dotmod DotStick 1650 mAh Kit

Vape device manufacturers are constantly releasing more and more new devices, with some of them becoming sales hits and others just passing and not worthy of vapers’ attention. But at the same time, such format of vape devices as a pipe mod has been in constant demand among vapers for years. Therefore, it is quite logical that in the assortment of many manufacturers you can find such devices. The well-known Dotmod company has repeatedly offered vapers various pipe mods and, deciding to please its fans once again, presented DotStick 1650 mAh Kit, which is a slightly revised version of DotStick Kit, but has a number of significant changes and features.

General data

Dotmod DotStick 1650 mAh Kit is a compact pipe mod, equipped with a built-in medium-capacity battery, operating under the control of a proprietary chip and complete with a universal atomizer. It is made in a corporate style, with a characteristic golden decor and has good ergonomics and small size. The vaper has three power modes at his disposal, thanks to which he will be able to choose his own style of vaping. e-cigarettes online boutique in new zealand The complete tank is designed for both tight cigarette and free hookah puff, and you can use both branded vaporizers and vaporizers series Smok Nord. The Dotmod DotStick 1650 mAh Kit is available in four colors: black, gold, blue and red.


Dotmod has always bundled its devices well and the new device is no exception, as the vaper will be able to find in the branded box:

The dotStick 1650 Pipebomod;

A 2ml dotStick Tank atomizer with childproof;

A base with airflow control;

4 Ohm mesh Coil vaporizer;

7 Ohm mesh Coil;

USB Type-C cable;

Two drip tips;

Three spare o-rings.

dotStick 1650 pipe mod

Not so long ago, Dotmod presented the DotStick pipe mod, designed for the use of two sizes of batteries, the advantages of which vapers were able to appreciate almost immediately after the release of the device on the market. Deciding to expand the line of pipe mods, the company presented the Dotmod DotStick 1650 mAh Kit, very much resembling the previous version, but still has a number of features that make it not a copy, but a full-fledged independent device.

There is no need to talk about the design of Dotmod DotStick 1650 mAh Kit, as it is a pipe mod, but at the same time it is enough just to look at it, and it becomes clear who is the manufacturer of this device characteristic minimalistic design and golden lines speak for themselves. The bottom end of the device is slightly rounded, so there are no sharp corners. The diameter of the device is 22 mm.

An important feature of this tube mod is that the body is made of aluminum (one of the chips of Dotmod devices), and it is made according to IPX7 standard, which makes the device waterproof. It’s worth noting that the charging connector is without a plug, but is also waterproof.

The maximum power of the Dotmod DotStick 1650 mAh Kit is 27 watts, and it is provided by a built-in battery with a capacity of 1650 mAh is not much, but for autonomous work for one day the battery will be enough. The battery is charged using the USB Type-C connector located on the bottom end of the device.

Despite the fact that the Dotmod DotStick 1650 mAh Kit is a pipe mod, it has the ability to change the wattage by pressing the fire button three times, as a result of which you can select one of three modes soft/medium/strong. Additionally, the device is equipped with dray-hit protection, so the device will not start if there is no liquid in the tank. You can see how charged the battery is by the color of the LED located around the fire button with the brand logo.

dotStick Tank Atomizer

Similar to the previous pipe mod, the Dotmod DotStick 1650 mAh Kit uses a specially designed dotStick Tank atomizer with a diameter of 22 mm, which can be confidently installed not only on this device, but also on other box mods. Included with the atomizer are two 510-type drip tips, a traditional one for a looser puff and a slightly flattened one for a tight cigarette puff.

The dotStick Tank has a rather unconventional design in the pipe-mod with the help of 510 connector is installed base with a ring of blowing adjustment, and in it is installed tank on the principle of bayonet, inside which are located bearings that provide smooth movement.

An important positive point is that in this tank can be used as branded vaporizers dotStick Coil resistance of 0.4/0.7/1.0 Ohm, and vaporizers SMOK Nord Coil, which can be easily bought in any vape shop.

The tank is interesting because after turning the blowing adjustment ring you can set either a free hookah puff or a more or less tight cigarette puff.

To refill the tank, you need to take it out of the base, turn it upside down, press the spout of the bottle on a small hole equipped with a check valve, and pour 2 ml of liquid.

Conclusions and impressions

Dotmod DotStick 1650 mAh Kit is a slightly modified and reduced version of Dotmod DotStick Kit, while retaining its main advantages and features. The device is characterized by high quality manufacturing of all parts, is designed for three power modes and to work not only with branded vaporizers.

Advantages and disadvantages


For refueling it is necessary to remove the tank;

Full MTL draw is quite difficult to achieve.


Recognizable design;

Compact size;

Moisture protection;

Three power modes;

Stable operation at any power;

510 connector;

Original tank;

Support for Smok Nord vaporizers.