Review of dotMod DotSquonk 100W

Today’s vapers have become quite spoiled – they no longer pick everything off the shelves of vape shops in the hope of getting flavor and bulk, as it was a few years ago. They want an interesting ergonomic design, and performance, and functionality, and at the same time the device should still cost pennies. That is why many people buy Chinese noname products, the quality of which is far from perfect, and then complain does not fry, the board does not work properly or the flavor is not good. But there is a separate category of vapers who know exactly what they want and are willing to pay a little more, they buy products from the American company DotMod, which has been famous for its devices for years. After the mechanical squonk of this manufacturer became quite successful and sold, it was decided to release dotMod DotSquonk 100W skonk box, equipped with a performance board and designed to use batteries of different formats.

General data

dotMod DotSquonk 100W squonk mod, designed to use one 21700/20700/18650 format battery, equipped with a capacious bottle and equipped with a multi-functional performance chipset. The decision to use batteries of different formats allowed to make the device versatile, while making it a performance board allows you to overclock the device up to 100 watts and use it in multiple modes. Sufficiently voluminous bottle with a properly selected resistance of the spiral of the drip will give the vaper a significant autonomy. e-liquids in new zealand All DotMod products are distinguished by strict colors, and dotSquonk 100W was made in the traditional colors of black, gold, red and blue.


DotMod has always been known for bundling its devices decently, and so in the branded black box with the signature gold logo you can find:

A dotSquonk 100W squonk box;

Two interchangeable panels;

USB charging cable;

Adapter for 18650 batteries;

Two bottles, one translucent and one in the color of the device;

Certificate of Quality;

User’s Manual;

Two branded stickers with logo.

Appearance and design

If a vaper has ever seen (not even necessarily held in his hands or used) the devices of the American company dotMod, he knows that one of their chips is a recognizable strict design. In the new dotSquonk 100W device there is nothing new and supernatural – a classic parallelepiped with rounded corners, which despite its apparent simplicity fits perfectly in the hand.

As one would expect from a DotMod device, the decorations and decorations are a minimum of the company’s logo on the side panel, applied in gold paint and the branded golden button with a unique pattern. But fans of this particular manufacturer and do not expect inserts made of resin or carbon fiber, additional drawings and decorative inserts.

Overall dimensions of 82*49*28 mm are quite small, so it sits very comfortably in the hand. The seating area is relatively small, but taking into account the dimensions you can use atomizers with a diameter of 24-25 mm without any problems.

An important feature of dotMod dotSquonk 100W is the use of 21700/20700 and 18650 batteries with the help of a proprietary adapter. Such a solution allows you to provide the device with a power of 100 watts, which will be enough for many vapers.

The device is equipped with two removable panels, held by reliable magnets, and under one panel hides a square bottle of 8 ml (it has a hole for pressing), and under the second battery compartment and +/- buttons for control and customization.

Board, functionality and usage features

Traditionally, the dotMod company in its box mods uses chipsets of its own production, and the dotSquonk 100W is no exception. We can confidently say that the board is quite interesting and productive, it allows the vaper to use one of the four modes of varivatt, curve and bypass, so there will be no difficulty in choosing the optimal setting. An important feature of the board is that it is able to work stably with windings from 0.08 Ohm, which will be quite enough for most vapers.

The device is equipped with a small color display, located on the side surface in a special window. There is not much information on the display, but it is enough to control the process of vaping battery charge level, power/mode, coil resistance, voltage and puff time. The controls are very simple, so even a novice vaper will understand them (the +/- buttons are located under the side panel).

Conclusions and impressions

We can confidently say that dotMod dotSquonk 100W is a worthy representative of the company, which once again serves as proof that Americans know how to make quality devices. The device is 100% not for schoolchildren because of its price, but for those vapers who know exactly what they want and are ready to pay for American quality.

Advantages and disadvantages


Relatively high cost;

In order to change the mode of operation or control the power, it is necessarily necessary to remove the side panel;

In case of loss of the bottle, it is problematic to find the same square bottle.


Classic recognizable design;

High quality workmanship;

Variability of batteries;

Sufficient power;

Performance board;

Easy to set up and operate;

Two bottles for different liquids;

USB charging.