Review of dotMod dotPLUS disposable

There are hardly any vapers who can be surprised by POD systems of various designs, smart pod mods or box mods with touch panels or voice control. Therefore, many manufacturers have emphasized their production on the release of simple, but at the same time the most practical devices. The dotMod company has always been famous for its devices, which are characterized not only by reliability and performance, but also by unique design. Not so long ago, the company began to produce devices of one of the most popular segments disposable POD-systems, and such devices from this manufacturer immediately became in demand by vapers. Encouraged by such successes of their disposable specialists of the company presented dotMod dotPLUS disposable also disposable POD-system, but with a number of positive changes and additions.

General data

dotMod dotPLUS disposable is a compact disposable POD system equipped with a medium-capacity rechargeable battery and a built-in cartridge for 5000 puffs. The device is made as simple as possible traditional pipe mod with a rather modest and laconic decor. The built-in battery can be charged at any time using the USB Type-C connector. new zealand vape The device has a built-in cartridge with a volume of 10 ml, which is filled with high-quality liquids based on saline nicotine. Currently, you can buy dotMod dotPLUS disposable in four flavors Waterberry Lime, Velvet Tobacco, Peach Mango, and Guava Monster.


It will hardly come as a surprise to anyone that this POD system comes with a minimal (if not nothing) cardboard box and the device itself. But if you want, you can buy dotMod dotPLUS disposable in packs of 10, thanks to which the vaper can get a supply of his favorite flavor.

Appearance and design

The dotMod company’s products are known to vapers all over the world, and often they can be considered exemplary in terms of both the quality of execution and assembly, as well as flavor transfer (this is a very important factor). This manufacturer tries to keep up with the times, releasing devices that are the most relevant at the moment. Therefore, it is not surprising that the company decided to conquer the segment of disposable POD-systems and released dotMod dotDisposable, which became immediately popular. Encouraged by this success, the company decided to continue this series, so dotMod dotPLUS disposable was released.

It is not worth expecting any peculiarities in the design of dotMod dotPLUS disposable, it is a neat trubomod, which has almost no decorations, except for the company logo and a symbolic image of taste. It’s hard to call the device quite miniature, as its dimensions are 111*20 mm, but it’s not particularly large either.

The dotMod dotPLUS disposable is equipped with a built-in 500 mAh battery, which will be enough for one or two days of autonomous work. The battery can be charged at any time using the USB Type-C connector located on the bottom end of the device, and the full charge time (according to the manufacturer) is about 20 minutes.

Flavors and Usage Features

The dotMod dotPLUS disposable is activated by puffing, so the POD system is maximally convenient to use just take it out of your pocket and it’s ready to vaporize. On the positive side, the device utilizes a flattened mouthpiece, which maximizes convenience.

The dotMod dotPLUS disposable has a built-in cartridge of 10 ml, which will be enough for 5000 puffs. The manufacturer separately emphasizes that the liquid filled in the cartridge is based on synthetic saline nicotine, so you can satisfy nicotine hunger in just two or three puffs.

Currently, the manufacturer offers four main flavors of dotMod dotPLUS disposable:

Waterberry Lime;

Velvet Tobacco;

Peach Mango;

Guava Monster.

Conclusions and impressions

dotMod dotPLUS disposable is another successful development of the company, which is sure to find its fans. It is worth paying tribute to the developers who managed to make a practical, convenient and self-contained device. Despite not the largest selection of flavors, if you compare with Chinese manufacturers, vaper will get a guaranteed bright taste and pleasant aftertaste.