Review of SMOK Nfix Pod Kit

The advent of salt nicotine and liquids based on it made a real revolution in the world of vaping, as many vapers reconsidered their attitude towards vapor. The key feature of vaping e-liquids using salt nicotine is that there is no need to use complex-shaped coils or powerful box mods. A simple spiral with a resistance of 0.8-1.5 Ohms and a device power of 10-16 Watts is enough. It is these devices that have come to be called POD systems, each of which is distinguished by its simplicity and ease of use. The SMOK company has repeatedly pleased vapers with POD systems, which are rightfully considered exemplary. In order not to lose its leading position in the market, the company presented a new device, SMOK Nfix Pod Kit, which implements both the basic principles of the POD system and adds interesting and useful functions.

General information

SMOK Nfix Pod Kit” is a compact POD system equipped with a fairly powerful battery, controlled by a simple chipset and allowing the vaper to set the operating power. The design of the new device is not particularly original, as it looks like a standard stick, small and practical. The presence of a rather simple board and a small display will allow the vaper to choose the optimal power for him within 25 W. Replaceable cartridges with built-in evaporators are designed for tight tightening. You can buy the SMOK Nfix Pod Kit in eight colors: silver, blue-violet, green, green gun metal, red, black, rainbow and golden.


Naturally, you shouldn’t expect something surprising or non-standard from the configuration of a POD system; everything is simple, banal and familiar. In the box the vaper will find:

Nfix Device Battery Pack;

Two replaceable Nfix DC8ohm MTL Pod cartridges;

USB Type-C cable for charging;

User’s guide.

Nfix Device Battery Pack

Today, the vape market offers many POD systems of various designs, among which even an experienced vaper can get a little lost. Therefore, it is quite logical that manufacturers are trying to somehow surprise vapers, and the Smok company has once again succeeded. SMOK Nfix Pod Kit” is an interesting and somewhat non-standard POD system, which provides the ability to set the power by selecting the optimal vapor temperature for each vaper.

The design of the SMOK Nfix Pod Kit” was not revolutionary, since it is a fairly traditional stick, a felt-tip thermometer, but the overall dimensions are pleasing: 110.5 * 21.5 * 13 mm, so it will be almost invisible in a pocket or women’s clutch. The weight will also please you. of the new device it is only 32 grams, but this is not surprising, since the body is made of plastic, and the most colorful, so the vaper has plenty to choose from.

The maximum power of the device is 25 Watts, and it is provided by a built-in battery with a capacity of 700 mAh, which is a very good indicator for such a compact size. The device is charged using the USB Type-C connector located on the bottom end of the device, with a current of 0.68A (full charging time is about an hour).

An important feature of the SMOK Nfix Pod Kit” is the presence of a simple and reliable board, with which you can not only get a full set of protections, but also the ability to set the power of the device within 1-25 Watts. In order to set the power, the device has one button, Moreover, the power is set in a circle in the direction of increasing.To control the operation of the device, a small display is provided, on which you can find information about the power, battery charge level, evaporator resistance, voltage and number of puffs.

Nfix DC Cartridge

It is quite natural and logical that the SMOK Nfix Pod Kit uses a replaceable cartridge rather than an evaporator, since the device is very small. The cartridge is held in the battery pack using magnets, so its replacement process takes only a couple of seconds.

The manufacturer currently offers only one option for a replaceable Nfix DC 0.8ohm MTL Pod cartridge with a built-in evaporator on a standard coil. The manufacturer has done everything to ensure that the puff is really tight and the taste is as natural as possible.

The Smok company emphasizes that the cartridge uses an innovative blowing system, which uses two air intake holes. This technical solution will allow you to maximize the taste of the liquid.

To refill the cartridge, you need to remove it from the battery pack, open the small silicone plug on the side and fill in 3 ml of liquid (preferably nicotine salt). It is worth using bottles with a thin metal spout, since the refill hole is small.

Conclusions and impressions

To be honest, I was really pleased with the SMOK Nfix Pod Kit, because by buying it you can get a not-so-banal POD system that can surprise you with its taste and functionality. At the same time, the device is small, practical and as easy as possible to use and maintain, which is what interests many vapers.

Advantages and disadvantages


Low charging current;

Only one type of cartridge.


Compact dimensions;

Large selection of designs;

Capacious battery;

USB Type-C;

Simple and reliable board;

Ability to set power;

Innovative airflow system;

Convenient refueling;

The cartridge volume is quite large for its size;

Full tight tightening;

Good taste.