Review of SMOK alien 220w

Those who have read my reviews for the first time know very well how much I love the SMOK company, namely their box mods. Today I will tell you about their next creation, which was able to show me that all is not lost with SMOK. The new product is called Alien 220W.

Smok alien 220w

Lately, Smok has simply amazed us with its disregard for device design, simply re-releasing some devices with the same design several times in a row, changing only the size and limitations of the board. Our guest today is completely unlike any previous device and looks simply amazing. Its ergonomics will not leave even the most ferocious critic indifferent. vape vaporizers in new zealand This is exactly what I have been waiting for from SMOK for a year now! The box mod is available in a very large number of colors.

SMOK alien 220w

The controls are located in a very unusual way, the power adjustment buttons are located at an angle, as is the USB connector. The Fire button is located on the side, as in all of the company’s latest box mods. On the opposite side of the screen there is a carbon panel on which the company logo and the name of the box mod are depicted. All this adds up to give the box mod the appearance of a premium device for a few hundred bucks, but in reality it costs much, much less.

If you are going to buy the box mod as a starter kit, then it will come with a maintenance-free TFV8 Baby tank, which I already wrote a review about. In short, this is an excellent and compact tank with maintenance-free evaporators, which has good taste characteristics, but its main task is to produce huge clouds and operate at unrealistically high powers. So such a tank is perfect for such a powerful box mod.

SMOK alien 220w

Now it’s time to talk about the technical component of box mod. The declared maximum power of the box mod is 220W, and it runs on two 18650 batteries. In total, this automatically tells us that it cannot produce such power. The current strength of the batteries is simply not enough to produce such power. It will be able to produce a maximum of no more than 180W on a 0.1 ohm winding with 40 amp batteries for cloud chasing, and they are famous for their small battery life, which is definitely not necessary for the user of an on-board box mod. In short, with all the batteries we are used to, in the long run you will have 150-160 W of power. The minimum resistance of a supported atomizer is 0.1 ohm, for thermal control mode 0.06 ohm. Thermal control is available on all modern metals.

SMOK alien 220w

This is probably all we can sum it up. SMOK was not particularly honest in indicating the maximum power of the box mod, since it can only produce such power on three batteries. Nevertheless, the appearance simply breaks the mold, and I’m finally ready not only to praise the SMOK company for their creation, but I’m even ready to buy it for myself. I wish I could say that box mod will be very popular, but I can’t. And all because SMOK simply lost the trust of customers with their past box mods. But for every product there is a buyer.