Review of Moti Ultra Pro 8000. First look

Today we will get acquainted with a new product from the Chinese manufacturer Moti in the form of advanced disposable shoes called Ultra Pro 8000.

The well-known Chinese company Moti has released new disposable devices called Ultra Pro 8000. The devices have traditionally for this manufacturer a non-standard appearance, a large reserve of autonomy, as well as some additional features.

The new Ultra Pro 8000 is made in a thin rectangular case, the thickness of which does not exceed 13 mm. The design of the device is futuristic, with a color palette of six options. vape parts in new zealand The number of pre-filled flavors is the same.

 Inside the disposable device there is a power supply with a capacity of 500 mAh, which is charged via a USB Type-C connector. You can monitor the charge level, as well as the remaining liquid in the cartridge, using a small display on the side. The built-in cartridges contain a double mesh evaporator, which ensures rich flavor transfer. The volume of the filled liquid is 14 ml, and its strength is 20 mg. From one device the user will be able to get up to 8000 puffs.

Characteristics of Moti Ultra Pro 8000:

Dimensions: 111.6 mm * 41.74 mm * 13 mm

Battery: 500 mAh

Charging: USB Type-C

Volume: 14 ml

Strength: 20 mg

8000 puffs

The cost of the new item is unknown.