Review of Kangertech Eco Pod. First look

Today we want to tell you about a new device, produced by the well-known Chinese brand Kangertech – Eco Pod.

Kangertech has released several new devices, one of which is a closed sub-system called Eco Pod. The device came in a non-trivial design and received several interesting features.

The Eco Pod sub-system is made of polycarbonate and food-grade plastic. The device has a compact size and an easy-to-hold body shape. vape nz The range of colors includes five options, each of which will correspond to a particular taste of the pre-filled liquid.

The battery pack of the device contains a 450 mAh battery, which is charged via a USB Type-C connector located at the end. A logo indicator is located on the front. To activate the power supply to the evaporator, you will need to take a puff. The design of the sub-system is modular, allowing you to separate not only the cartridge, but also the battery from the body. The new product comes with two pre-filled cartridges, which have a built-in evaporator on a mesh with a resistance of 1.2 Ohm and filled with 2 ml liquid.

Kangertech Eco Pod Features:

Dimensions: 91 mm * 27 mm * 18 mm

Battery: 450 mAh

Charging: USB Type-C

Volume: 2 ml

Evaporator: 1.2 Ohm Mesh Coil

1200 puffs

The cost of the device is unknown.