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Review of Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit

Many vapers who use POD systems remember how a couple of years ago they appeared in the format of thermometers, with replaceable cartridges and rather weak batteries. A little time passed and users of such systems realized that they did not want the simplest devices, but more interesting and variable ones with replaceable evaporators and the ability to select operating power. Therefore, such AIO systems began to be mass produced. Geekvape has recently taken a strong position in the market with its Aegis series, which it has decided to continue with the release of the Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit. Naturally, the new device has a lot of protection from dust, moisture, falls, and at the same time is equipped with a powerful chipset and, most importantly, is able to work with both replaceable evaporators and a serviceable base. We can confidently say that the vaper will receive an indestructible device with the ability to maintain it, and this is exactly what many users need.

General information

Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit is a compact AIO system equipped with a fairly powerful battery, equipped with a powerful AS chipset and works with both replaceable evaporators and an RBA base. Externally, the device is very similar to other devices in this series, especially since the case is dust/moisture/shockproof. e-liquids in new zealand The presence of a productive chipset will allow the vaper to set the optimal power depending on his preferences. The vaper can use either a cartridge with replaceable evaporators or an RDTA base, thanks to which you can install coils yourself. You can buy the Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit in five designs, with the main color being black, and the inserts can be black, gun metal, blue, red and rainbow.


It’s worth saying right away that this AIO system is not equipped with an RBA base, and you will have to buy it additionally. But at the same time, in the branded box the vaper will find:

Aegis Boost Battery Pack;

Removable cartridge with pre-installed GV Boost Coil4ohm;

Replacement GV Boost Coil6ohm;

Key for quick removal of the evaporator;

USB charging cable;

Additional drip tip;

User’s Manual.

Aegis Boost Battery Pack

The fact that the Geekvape company decided to release its own AIO system, it is quite logical that it needs to be constantly in trend. And the fact that the new device is a successor to the Aegis series will please many, because you can get a device that you won’t have to worry about. Naturally, the Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit is made in the traditional Aegis series format in a case protected from moisture, dust and shock, but you shouldn’t hit it with a hammer.

An interesting feature of the new device is that the design is similar to the box mods in this series, so it is recognizable. The body of the Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit is made of zinc alloy, silicone, plastic and artificial leather insert, thanks to which it has excellent ergonomics and fits well in the hand. Moreover, the pod-box is small, and it can easily be classified as a stealth device.

The maximum power of this device is 40 Watts, and it is provided by a built-in battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh. The battery is charged using a micro-USB connector located on the side panel and closed with a silicone cover with a current of 1.5A (the battery is fully charged in about an hour).

In the Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit, the AS chipset, already well-known to vapers, is responsible for the operation, allowing you to use the device in vari-watt mode with a power of 5-40 Watts. Naturally, the device is equipped with a small monochrome display, with which you can control the power, battery charge level, coil resistance and the number of puffs.

Aegis Boost Pod Cartridge

The cartridge deserves special attention in the Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit. At the moment, the manufacturer offers a device with a cartridge for using replaceable evaporators, but there is guaranteed information that a cartridge with an RBA base will appear in the near future. The cartridge in the battery pack is held not with the help of the usual magnetic connectors, but with the help of a small latch and a button, by moving which you can remove it.

If we talk about evaporators, the manufacturer decided to use evaporators of the GV Boost Coil series in this device, and the kit includes two of them with a resistance of 0.4 and 0.6 Ohms. The evaporators are on a grid, so there will be no issues with taste.

The possibility of installing a serviceable base is also interesting, since the vaper will receive a small RDTA, with horizontal fixation of the coil, and the stands are very much reminiscent of tanks with a cigarette puff. The peculiarity of such a base is that the vaper himself determines which coil is most suitable for him. When laying the cotton wool, you should leave its ends long enough so that they reach the bottom of the tank and are well saturated. When choosing a spiral, it is worth remembering that the maximum power of the device is 40 watts, so it is necessary to select the correct resistance.

The Aegis Boost Pod cartridge is made with a 510 drip tip, and the kit initially includes two versions of the original tips, which can be easily replaced with any others from your collection.

A very positive point is the ability to adjust the airflow. To do this, there is a twist on the side surface, by rotating which you can select the optimal MTL or DTL tightening option.

Refilling the cartridge is very simple; on its upper end there is a fairly large hole, closed with a silicone stopper, by opening which you can fill in 3.7 ml of liquid.

Conclusions and impressions

Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit is a device that will definitely be of interest to many vapers, since the opportunity to get a productive, versatile and indestructible device is almost a dream. We can confidently say that the developers of Geekvape did not just offer vapers a POD system, but thought through all the details that only have a positive effect in the end.

Advantages and disadvantages


Built-in battery;

Lack of RBA base included;

When carried in a pocket, the setting of the airflow adjustment ring shifts.


Recognizable design;

Excellent ergonomics;

Sufficiently capacious battery;

Fast charging;

Reliable and productive chipset;

Protection from dust, moisture and falls;

Evaporators on a grid;

Possibility of installing a serviced base;

Large tank;

Convenient refueling;

Adjustable airflow;

Easy maintenance;

Good taste and bulk.