Review of 49er Tank by Artery vapor

The second, for today, tank is the brainchild of the Artery vapor company, which in general produces good, and most importantly, not expensive devices and starter kits. Today I will tell you about their new 49er Tank, which for its low price can very pleasantly surprise you with its functionality and workmanship.

Externally, the tank is very nice to look at, but its design is not much different from its competitors. There are a huge number of color solutions, the photo below shows their options:

The tank can be disassembled into approximately 15 parts, so if you are a beginner, I do not advise you to completely disassemble it; you may have problems with assembly J. And if we describe its entire structure in short, then a standard set of components stands out: base, evaporator, dome, glass, top cap and drip tip.

There are two versions of the tank: 2 and 4 ml. The height of the 2 ml version is 54 mm, the 4 ml version is 65 mm. The diameter of both versions is 22 mm.

Top filling and very convenient. Access to the large filling holes is provided by unscrewing the top cap. You can even pour from a bucket; the protruding shaft will prevent liquid from overflowing.

The tank operates on replaceable evaporators. geekvape vape The kit includes two Kanthal evaporators of 0.2 and 0.5 ohm, which is quite a decent indicator for beginners. The airflow is bottom and adjustable. There is nothing unusual about it. The supply of liquid to the evaporation chamber is also regulated. The pin is copper, for better conductivity, not adjustable, I can’t say yet whether it can be used on hybrid connectors.

Well, let’s sum it up. I really like the colors on the tank, which add a lot to the overall design. The tank is primarily designed for beginner vapers, and its price tag makes it accessible to almost anyone. I haven’t held it in my hands yet, but I think it’s definitely worth the money.