Review of disposable VAPEKEEPER 8000 from SKEY

We continue to get acquainted with disposable electronic cigarettes from the SKEY company. Next up is the VapeKeeper model, notable not only for the presence of a screen, but also for 8,000 puffs on board.

Attention: Everything written below is my personal opinion. Your perception of beauty may differ from mine.

Personal impressions of SKEY VapeKeeper 8000

Not only entropy inevitably increases, but also the complexity of the simplest devices. Just recently we couldn’t imagine a disposable device with charging, but now we can get relative control over the state of the electronic cigarette. vape richmond Well, as a control, it’s more of an opportunity to look at the charge of the built-in battery and roughly estimate how much liquid is left inside.

This time I tested models that had not yet been adapted for the domestic market. This can be easily understood without seeing a single Russian word on a small cardboard box (I remind you that the previous model from SKEY was completely localized). The packaging is universal for each flavor – the name of the manufacturer and model, a drawing of the device and a warning about the dangers of nicotine. All individual information, including flavor name and nicotine strength, is located on a small sticker on the side. There are also color markers – unique for each mix. The back of the box, as always, is filled with technical and legal information.

Inside, each disposable will be packaged in a protective bag, branded on both sides, but transparent on only one, which will allow you to visually verify the consistency of the taste on the sticker and inside.


There are also transport protections – a silicone plug in the mouthpiece and a simple transparent sticker on the bottom edge that covers the air supply holes next to the USB Type-C charging port.


The device is completely plastic, but seems to consist of two parts, separated by a thin “gold” strip. The overall design is rounded wherever possible. Even the mouthpiece protrudes smoothly from the body, but not in the center, but offset to one side.

On the top of the case, which is always black, the name of the line and the name of the specific flavor are printed. The lower part is painted in a single color and decorated with paint spots. One of the distinctive features is the presence of a screen, about which a little later.

The internal structure (not counting the special board and screen) is quite traditional: a container with liquid, a battery, a charging board and a noise sensor, which when activated during inhalation turns it on.

Charging process

The USB Type-C charging port is located at the bottom. Seven small holes nearby hide not only the air intake, but also a bright blue LED that shows both the charging process and the operation of the device during a puff. The charging current is about 1 Ampere, which is quite decent. It is also possible to hover while charging, i.e. pastrou system.

The main feature of the SKEY VapeKeeper 8000 model is its small information screen. On it you can see three numbers, two icons and a percent sign. The screen turns on briefly during a puff and shows approximately how much liquid is left inside. And then there is the amount of energy in the battery. In the first case, the droplet sign will light up next to the numbers at the bottom, and in the second case, the accumulator sign at the top will light up. Also, during the charging process, the current battery charge will be shown.

Testing and tastes of SKEY VapeKeeper 8000

Inside each disposable device there is a battery containing a reactive alkali metal – lithium. Such batteries should not be thrown away with household waste, but should be taken for recycling or special disposal.

Review of disposable SKEY VAPEKEEPER 8000 – GUMMY BEAR taste

The aroma of the vapor is piercingly sweet, almost to the extreme of the feeling that something is about to stick together. During the soaring, a barely noticeable marmalade-fruity tint timidly joins the sugar wave.

The taste is as sweet as the smell. But even after taking a deep breath, the same jelly in the form of small bears is clearly visible. It’s a little more difficult to decide on a flavor set. It feels like you were given a mix of several flavors and tried to eat all the possible options at the same time. The sensation of springy marmalade is especially noticeable during exhalation. Well, the aftertaste is simply sweet, but long. Although I would like a little more sour notes, especially in hot weather.

Review of SKEY VAPEKEEPER 8000 disposables – STRAWBERRY KIWI flavor

The aroma of kiwi is not particularly noticeable either before vaping or during the vaping process. All the attention of your receptors is occupied by a thick strawberry tone, almost on the verge of jam or preserves, just as thick and sweet.

The base flavor is strawberry, but moderately sweet. For this it is worth saying thanks to the kiwi. The green berry breaks up the thick jammy flavor of the strawberry and adds not only its own sour flavor, but also a nice herbaceous note in the background. A deep inhale is almost the same as an exhale, and the aftertaste is long and bright. If you don’t really like too sweet mixes, be sure to pay attention to this option.

On the technical side, there are a little more impressions. I’ve known about disposable screens for a long time, but somehow they all passed by. In fact, it turned out to be quite convenient. See the battery charge, but not the percentage of liquid remaining. These constantly decreasing numbers, as Winnie the Pooh from the cartoon used to say in Leonov’s voice, “only make you sad.” And most likely there will not be complete correspondence with the real state of affairs. People inhale too differently. Some people can take ten thousand puffs, while others will have no more than five.