Review of disposable CUBE 5000 from SKEY

In this review, we will take a look at small disposable electronic cigarettes for 5000 puffs from the SKEY company called CUBE.

Attention: Everything written below is my personal opinion. Your perception of beauty may differ from mine.

Personal impressions of SKEY CUBE 5000

We continue to try and talk about our impressions of ENDS from the Chinese company SKEY. Previously, you could see a review of the SKEY GEMA model for 7000 puffs, and now there is a slightly more compact device – the CUBE model for 5000 puffs.

Review of disposable shoes SKEY CUBE 5000

In retail, look for and ask for disposable SKEY CUBE 5000 in stores in your city. And regarding wholesale purchases, write to distributors or contact directly the manufacturer through the official website skeycig.com or representatives in Russia: VK, Telegram.

Presentation of SKEY CUBE 5000

Disposables are fully prepared and adapted for sale in Russia, so almost everything on the cardboard packaging is in Russian. vape shop nz On the front side there is the name of the model, flavor, number of puffs and the obligatory warning about addictive nicotine. Right there in the background there is a color label of the taste in the form of a dense cloud of steam, it is by this that you can easily distinguish the tastes from each other even without reading the name. The names are once again printed on the sides of the packaging and there is a sticker with a hologram and an authentication code, and technical and legal information is placed on the reverse side.

Just in case and to protect the device during transportation, each stick is packaged in an individual bag with a one-time opening system. One of its sides is transparent, so you can understand what’s inside even if the outer packaging has become unusable for some reason. I should immediately note that the disposable device itself is protected from accidental activation by silicone plugs both on the mouthpiece and on the charging and air intake openings.

SKEY CUBE 5000 structure

The design of the one-offs is amusing and interesting, although the name implies some kind of equilateral figure – there is no trace of cubism. It is a flat rectangle, rounded on one side and only slightly tapering on the other. The color insert, like the body, is completely plastic, the name of the model and manufacturer is written on it, and the name of the flavor, please note – in Russian, is on the side.

The mouthpiece is integral with the body, flat and slightly offset to the side. ENDS has average weight and average dimensions, this can be seen in the photo below. It feels good in the hands, but there are still not enough holes for attaching a neck strap.

The internal structure is quite traditional for such disposable devices: a container with liquid, a battery, a charging board and a noise sensor, which when activated during inhalation turns it on.

Charging process

The USB Type-C charging port is located at the bottom. Next to it there is a tiny hole with an indicator LED hiding behind it, which shows both the charging process and the operation of the device during the puff. The charging current is not the highest, but quite adequate – slightly less than 1 Ampere. But you won’t be able to vape and charge at the same time; the pastro mode is not implemented.


Let’s start with something sweet and aromatic. Strawberries in cream begin to smell piercingly and stupefyingly pleasant immediately after opening the package, and then the aroma does not decrease at all, on the contrary, it penetrates into all corners of the room and attracts others to you.

The taste on the inhale is more milky than berry, delicate but rich, similar to strawberry yogurt from the refrigerator. In a deep puff, the sensations shift to the side of creamy ice cream, poured with thick and dark strawberry syrup, and during exhalation, the berry delicacy begins to dominate over the slightly cool milky one, a slight sourness and a characteristic strawberry flavor appear in the aftertaste.


The aroma is herbaceous and oily, like homemade grapes. Authentic, dark and even with a hint of a chill in the sensations. The inhale taste is surprisingly calm, but acceptably full and thick, the sweetness is at a good level, but not excessive. A deep puff brings to the sensation not only the pulp of ripened berries, but a slight taste of thin skin, and on the exhale you get a full-fledged, albeit small, berry, barely cool and definitely invigorating. The aftertaste is rather weakly expressed, it is clear, but not long. Just right for regular and constant vaping.

Personal impressions of SKEY CUBE 5000

The number of flavors in the CUBE line from SKEY depends on the country in which it is sold. There are ten listed on the manufacturer’s website, but they differ significantly from those tested above. So if you see something else on sale, don’t be too surprised, but rather buy it and write about your impressions in the comments.

I will immediately draw your attention to the ratio of the liquid poured and the possible number of puffs. 10 milliliters and 5000. If you remember, the GEMA line also had 10 milliliters, but 7000 drafts. It’s all about performance and amount of steam. There is a much looser puff, which means the liquid consumption is higher, and there are fewer puffs, but there is much more taste and vapor.

This time I won’t build a personal top, I just haven’t decided what I liked the most, but the leaders remain PEACH and BLACKBERRY.