Review of SMOK TF-RDTA

Today I will tell you about a new creation by Smok, which is famous for its paid firmware. I present to you the TF-RDTA dry tank, which is very similar to the recently released TF-RTA, but differs in that the liquid is supplied to the evaporation chamber from above, so we have a dry tank with a tank installed on top of it. First of all, the device will appeal to those who want a drip tip, but are not satisfied with the nuance of constant dripping.


Externally, the dry tank very much resembles the TF-RTA and differs quite a bit in the central part of the body, and it also inherited the features of the TFV4. vaporesso luxe The diameter of the tank is 24.5 mm, and it is available in black and steel colors.

When disassembled, the drybag consists of a huge number of parts, but here are the main three:


As you could replace, the base is completely no different from the base of any drip tip, it has a 16 mm diameter, a rack velocity and 4 holes measuring 3×2 mm, so you can install almost any winding without any problems.


Liquid enters through adjustable holes that are located above the base. The size of each of them is 4×3 mm and is fed in exactly the same way as if you were digging drip, only automatically. The holes are adjusted using a ring located above the airflow adjustment ring.


Refilling is exactly the same as in all new SMOK top tanks. Access to the hole is provided by removing the cover. The tank volume is an impressive 5 ml.


The airflow is from the side and is implemented in the same way as in any drip device. Instead of the usual two holes, we have four, two of which go directly to the spiral, and two more to the area of the racks. The size of each hole is 7.5×2 mm, so the dry tank will cope with high powers without any problems.

Let’s summarize the general performance characteristics:

Diameter 24.5 mm. Volume 5 ml with top filling. The tank is made of stainless steel, quartz glass.

The diameter of the base is 16 mm, the velocity of the rack with holes measuring 3×2 mm, the size of the fluid supply holes is 4×3 mm and is adjusted by the fluid supply adjustment ring.

The airflow is lateral and consists of 4 holes measuring 7.5×2, adjustable with an airflow adjustment ring.

The package includes: TF-RDTA, spare glass, many spare parts and instructions.

I am an ardent fan of drips and haven’t used tanks for a long time, but this is the tank I would like to buy for use in the car, because it is more of a drip with automatic fluid supply than a tank, which suits me quite well. The tank costs around $30, so you can’t beat it.

I can’t promise anything yet, but most likely it will appear in our store soon, so stay tuned.