Review of Sigelei Spark 90W TC – the power of one battery

The second for today, but no less important guest of our news feed came from everyone’s favorite company “Sigelei” and combines enormous power potential, being content with only one 18650 battery – this is the Spark 90W TCSigelei Spark 90W TC

The beginning of 2016 is replete with devices over 200 watts, but Sigelei decided not to forget about novice vapers and presented their new mod with thermal control at 90 watts. Its peculiarity is that it is compact, looks great and produces up to 90 watts with just one battery 18650, which is a very decent figure

Outwardly, it strongly resembles a shortened version of Sigelei Fuchai, it seems that all subsequent Sigelei products will be hidden behind this design and, in general, this makes me happy, since I really like this design.

The device will be available in only two colors – black and steel, and, as always, there will be branded cases that are available for every new Sigelei product.

Sigelei Spark 90W TC

The 510 connector is standard and does not stand out in any way. vape storage in new zealand Pin – floating, brass. There are cutouts for bottom airflow.

The battery compartment cover is also nothing special; it is attached with magnets and has holes for gas removal and ventilation. As I have already written many times, the device runs on one 18650 battery

Sigelei Ares – it seems they succeeded too!

Sigelei is known all over the world for its excellent mods and boards. They also produced atomizers, but they did not find popularity, because there were analogues much better than them, but the guys did not give up and released their new Ares tank.

The external design turned out to be very pleasant and even a little unique, due to which you will immediately recognize it.

Sigelei Ares

The tank consists of 5 parts – base, body, top cap, drip tip and replaceable evaporator. There is no serviced base.

Sigelei Ares

Refilling is from the top and very convenient; there are 3 very large holes into which you can pour liquid even from a bucket. The tank volume is very large – 4.8 ml.

Sigelei Ares

Let’s talk about lack of service. There are only two evaporators: 0.5 ohm kanthal and 0.2 ohm nickel, and this makes me sad. But nevertheless, the evaporators have a decent design: large holes and a large body, which means that they must cope with liquid with a large amount of VG. The airflow is completely normal, but it looks unusual – twin airflow holes located on three sides are adjusted by turning the adjustment ring.

In general, we can say that Sigelei’s product turned out to be much better than the previous ones, but perhaps not enough, since there is nothing new in it that we have not seen in other devices, perhaps the brand will survive. I hope the next atomizer from Sigelei turns out better!


Diameter 24 mm, volume 4.8 ml with top filling tank

Made from stainless steel and glass

Replacement 0.5 ohm kanthal and 0.2 ohm nickel evaporators

Unregulated pin