Review of Drag 2 Kit

About a year ago, the Chinese company Voopoo released a box mod, which was almost immediately dubbed the killer DNA- Drag. This device almost immediately became one of the most sold in all online and offline vape shops, as it allowed to get a fairly reliable and functional device, made in a rather interesting form factor (the people immediately nicknamed it brick). Although owners complain about lost magnets and peeling paint, they use it with confidence. Voopoo decided not to stop and released the next version of the box mod – Drag 2 Kit, which absorbed all the best aspects of its predecessor, and in which the errors were corrected (practice showed that in the first version they were not so few). As of today, this kit is not on sale yet, but it will be available in two or three weeks. The device is presented on the official website, so you can already understand what it is and what you can expect from it.

A few general words

Drag 2 Kit is a starter kit consisting of VOOPOO Drag 2 MOD box mod and UFORCE T2 Tank atomizer with replaceable vaporizers. It should be said right away that this kit does not belong to the premium class and is budgetary at the manufacturer’s stated price, it is affordable for every vaper. Drag 2 can be bought in several colors Island, Flame, Aurora, Scarlet, Fire cloud, Puzzle, Dawn Ink, so there will be no problems with the choice of color. new zealand vape shop tauranga Compared to the previous model, the mod has become a little smaller and lighter, which can not but please, as it will be much more convenient to carry it with you. UFORCE T2 has a seating diameter of 25 mm, and taking into account the bubble-glass in the widest place its diameter is 28 mm.


The manufacturer should be given credit for the equipment, especially the tank, he has provided almost everything:

DRAG 2 177W box mod;

UFORCE T2 atomizer with pre-installed 5 ml glass and UFROCE U2 vaporizer;

Replacement vaporizer UFROCE N3;

Replacement Glass Tube (3.5 ml);

Oring kit;

USB cable for charging and flashing;


Drag 2 box mod

The first difference from its predecessor, which you can see when you take the mod out of the box, is that it is not a clear parallelepiped its sides are slightly convex, but it does not spoil the impression of it. It is made of painted zinc alloy with the all-time favorite Resin-plastic insert on one side and a big Drag inscription on the other. The connector pad in this model is located in the center and is made of steel, it is designed to fit atomizers up to 25mm on the fit.

The battery cover is attached with four magnets and can be removed with a little effort (it won’t come off by itself in your pocket). It is powered by two traditional 18650 batteries, which can be used to deliver a maximum power of 177 watts.

The device is equipped with a proprietary updated Gene board, which allows you to work with resistance from 0.05 to 5 ohms, in which certain flaws of the previous version were removed. The display in Drag 2 is small monochrome, but it allows you to get all the standard data for most vapers – battery charge level, coil resistance, operating voltage, operating mode (when used in the varivatta mode it is power, TC – temperature). Control is simple and intuitive even not the most experienced users. The manufacturer promises after the official release of the device on the market to provide a program for the most accurate settings of all the parameters of the mod, from the brightness of the display to the heating curves in thermal control. In the varivatt mode, you can use the preheat function, allowing you to get the most comfortable vapor temperature.

UFORCE T2 Atomizer

UFORCE T2 is quite an interesting atomizer that works on interchangeable vaporizers. Voopoo company offers vapers a wide range of both mesh and kanthal vaporizers – U2/U4/U6/U8/N1/N2/N3/R2/D4, so everyone can find the best option depending on their vaping style and wishes. Initially, the atomizer is equipped with a 5 ml glass, but for those who do not like the protruding sides of the glass, there is also a regular 3.5 ml glass. It is interesting that for this atomizer you can choose a glass with a volume from 2 to 8 ml, which will allow the vaper to refill it not so often. The airflow is adjustable, and the airflow comes simultaneously from three holes. The filling procedure is very simple, the top cap slides open to reveal a rather large filling hole.

Impressions and results

It is impossible to say that this box mod and tank are revolutionary in terms of the technologies used, as it is a starter kit of the middle class, which can replace its predecessor. Regarding the electronics, everything works quite clearly and without complaints, a simple menu and the ability to use the device in different modes are pleasing. As for the price of Drag 2, in some online stores, it costs between 40-50 dollars by pre-order, which makes it affordable to most vapers who want to get a decent device at a democratic price.

Advantages and disadvantages


Slight backlash of the battery cover;

Due to the raised connector pad there is a small gap, creating the appearance of a slight levitation of the atomizer;

Poor quality coloring.


Original design;

Quality assembly;

Performance board;

Button response 0.025 sec;

Work with resistances from 0.05 ohms;

Ability to install atomizers up to 25 mm;

Automatic power setting;

Fast charging function;

Availability of firmware and a special program for configuration;

Affordable price.