Review of Disposable Doodka TENX-A. Device for many times Usage

In today’s review, we’ll look at the most real device for generating vape – disposable device called Doodka TENX-A for 3000 puffs.

WARNING! This review is an expression of subjective opinion only!

Traditionally, you need to start by inspecting the packaging. Before us is a black glossy cardboard box. The front part is occupied by a corporate logo, the names of the brand and specific taste, an image of the device itself with an illustration that provides a hint about the mix contained inside, as well as a warning about the dangers of this entire event. On the right is duplication of names, on the left are the main characteristics, which are discussed below. vape mods in new zealand At the back, as usual, there is a lot of text, among which the following can be highlighted: again, characteristics, composition of the liquid in the device, contacts of the manufacturer and importer, storage conditions and precautions for use.

We open the box – inside is an individual sealed bag, opening which you can examine the device itself. It does not differ in any supernatural features – we are looking at almost the most ordinary pen-style. The device is made of black glossy plastic and metal, coated with tactilely pleasant matte paint. The upper part, which has a narrowing for more convenient use, is closed with a fairly dense silicone plug. At the bottom there is also a plug hiding the micro USB port for charging the built-in battery (strangely, not USB Type-C, which is already available everywhere). The indicator of operation (tightening/charging) is a thin “ring” at the junction of the bottom and the body, illuminated by a pleasant white light.

Characteristics of Doodka TENX-A

A couple of exact numbers about the device in question:

Device size: 23*113mm

Built-in battery capacity: 500 mAh

Strength: 2% (or 20 mg/ml salt nicotine)

Liquid volume inside the cartridge: 10 ml

Number of puffs (approximately): 3000

Description of Doodka TENX-A flavors

Disposable shoes Doodka TENX-A in hand

Inside each disposable device there is a battery containing a reactive alkali metal – lithium. Such batteries should not be thrown away with household waste, but should be taken for recycling or special disposal.

Doodka TENX-A – Peach-Ice

So let’s get started. And, you know, right away in the first bowl the ice is “so-so.” From him only a mention in the description, nothing more. The peach itself is not the most trivial: its taste is something between tea and soda. Here you will not find a sea of sweetness and excessive richness; the fruit seems to be diluted with something. And that’s why we got this “tea” (yes, rather in this direction) recipe with a light and moderately pleasant peach tint. If that’s how it was intended, then good.

Doodka TENX-A – Banana-Coconut

Good mix. Moreover, its “goodness” lies precisely in the competent and clear position of the components. The banana is ripe, soft, sweetish in places (you know, as if it had been sitting for a while and turned slightly black). Coconut is bright, looking more like shavings from the kernel pulp than a natural nut. And what’s most interesting is that the taste of this duet goes much further towards dessert and pastries, as if there is something from the cake with the above-mentioned representatives. Quite successful and tasty.

Doodka TENX-A – Grapes-ice

Quite empty taste. It contains only a rather persistent and sweet aroma of grapes, which comes out when the protective bag is opened. But when you puff, everything becomes not so rosy: a subtle berry flavor, lack of richness and only a subtle hint that it is grapes. As for the ice mentioned in the description, no, it’s definitely not ice. More like a light breeze. I wasn’t happy.


Well, I personally have something to criticize these devices for. As for me, the Doodka TENX-A line of disposable shoes seems to be unassembled, as if they were produced in a hurry and a little carelessly. As for the device, there are no questions – everything is of high quality (with the exception of the already obsolete micro USB charging port). But as for the liquid inside the device, everything can definitely be done better. And I’ll also note the fact of strength: in ordinary life I use liquids or disposables labeled 2%, but the “two” here is just something, very strong and strong. Keep this in mind. Well, try it yourself if you have the opportunity.